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What is The Japan Lair?

The Japan Lair is a place for men of all ages and intensities of relationships with women, those interested in getting higher quality women, and anyone simply interested in delving into the intricacies and joys of intercultural relationship with Japanese women. We share insights and experiences on the the topic of Japanese girls (and girls in Japan), arrange get-togethers all over Japan for meeting girls or merely hanging out, and learn about ways to improve our social skills, finances, and overall success and happiness.

We focus on relationships with Japanese women and women in Japan. In addition to busy online interaction, we arrange offline meetings and host our own workshops on relationship improvement. Tokyo, being the biggest city in and the capital of Japan, forms the hub of Japan Lair and has the largest concentration of members. But there are men involved all over this archipelago, and Japan Lair unites them in this online forum that leads to offline enjoyment.

Join The Lair

Interested in joining the lair? We are a men’s self-improvement group with members all over Japan. If you want to join the community and take a step towards improving your lifestyle and relationships, click the button below and apply now.