Japan Lair FAQ

What is Japan Lair?

Japan Lair is a place for men of all ages and intensities of relationships with women, those interested in getting higher quality women, and anyone simply interested in delving into the intricacies and joys of intercultural relationship with Japanese women. We share insights and experiences on the the topic of Japanese girls (and girls in Japan), arrange get-togethers all over Japan for meeting girls or merely hanging out, and learn about ways to improve our social skills, finances, and overall success and happiness.

We focus on relationships with Japanese women and women in Japan. In addition to busy online interaction, we arrange offline meetings and host our own workshops on relationship improvement. Tokyo, being the biggest city in and the capital of Japan, forms the hub of Japan Lair and has the largest concentration of members. But there are men involved all over this archipelago, and Japan Lair unites them in this online forum that leads to offline enjoyment.

How do I join the forums?

Go to the Forums page and register. Be sure to choose a unique name of at least five characters. Don’t use your name or common proper nouns like city names, and don’t use something nonsensical. You will then be sent some questions to answer before you’re accepted in.

Why do I have to register?

We do not tolerate those who are here to trash others, scavenge personal information, be a general pain-in-the-rear. To prevent this type of thing happening, and to keep malcontents away, registration is required. We seek to maintain quality discussion in the Forums.

I just sign up and I’m in?

Applications are approved if you show a valid reason for using the site and you agree to the policies. In principle, you’re in for 24 hours and if don’t post your profile in the User Introductions forum, your account will be deleted. Please post your profile in your first session, using the example provided. If not, you may be booted before you got the chance to call JLair your home away from home.

Can I use bad words and talk about dirty things?

Within reason. Japan Lair aims to allow as free speech as possible; but not if it’s disrespectful of others and creates a socially detrimental environment. After you’re approved for the forums please familiarize yourself with the Mission and Standards.

Do I have to be in Japan to join?

No, you don’t; but you need to have something to contribute to the forums. Perhaps you’ve had a relationship with a Japanese girl. Perhaps you are interested in dating Japanese. Or you used to live in Japan. We welcome members who can positively contribute knowledge, reports, success, failures, and help the other guys out.

Is Japan Lair for profit?

We can’t rightfully call this place not-for-profit, but no one’s getting rich off it. The owner spends more on it than he gets back, but it’s a hobby so no problem. There are quite a lot of expenses for its design, hosting, and maintenance, yet JLair seeks to provide you with quality and moderated information for free. Donations are welcome for those generous enough to contribute. We also offer our own home-grown workshops and training.

I’m a Japanese guy, can I join?

Absolutely. Hey, it’s your country after all. Seriously, Japanese guys often have a very different style of approaching women and we are all eager to know what works for you (and what doesn’t).

I’d like to be a moderator on the forums.

Terrific. If you’ve just joined and haven’t contributed to the discussion much yet, please get involved and show us that you’re here and you’re really into this topic. If you think you can be a good moderator, definitely get in touch.

-Japan Lair Shacho