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The Only Resource for Men Who Love Japanese Women

Japan Lair has compiled a remarkable body of information: over half a decade of knowledge on being an outstanding man, and excelling in amazing, gratifying, respectful relationships with Japanese women.

Japan Lair is dedicated to the art of attracting and enjoying relationships with Japanese women (and women in Japan). JLair encourages open information exchange and support of one another in our goals. Through free and open sharing, we all get better.

Japan Lair is a vibrant and supportive community with members spanning not only Japan, but the world, with a unified interest in Japan and relationships.


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The famous JLair forums just seem to get more active. It’s the most amazing community in Japan that most guys don’t know about.

The forums are the world’s most
comprehensive body of knowledge on
relating with Japanese girls.Sign in and sign up HERE.It’s free to join,but you MUST post an introduction
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Disrespectful and negative posters
face immediate deletion.
All members are bound by our strict Mission & Standards that mandate respectful conduct, language, and treatment of one another and the people in our lives.


Free of Agenda

Japan Lair would like to thank the pickup-related companies that have contacted us, both domestic and from abroad. There are indeed some fine people among you; some not so. However, we have a homegrown body of knowledge and reject all association with the misogyny and loathsome tactics of morally and ethically deficient pickup instructors that mar the image of men who are simply trying to get a date. Especially vile are your imbecilic views of Japan and its people. We love and respect this country. We have no interest in working with you. The only ads you will find on this site will be for a book authored by two of our finest members, the high-quality courses run by Japan Lair members, and a small selection of affiliate ads run to offset the costs of web design and hosting.